Fit2Drive at Bede Polding College 23 November 2015

On 23 November, Blue Datto showcased its first behavioural road safety program to Year 10 students at Bede Polding College, South Windsor, teaching them how to speak up and get out of difficult situations as they become drivers and passengers in peer driven cars.

The program was presented to over 220 students, by peer facilitators in work shop sessions, and provided opportunities for interaction and sharing ideas, small and large group discussions. In addition, there were presentations about the issues for young drivers and passengers including a presentation on a real life case study.

Following the F2D program, Grace Vassallo & Lauren Northen (Philip’s sister) spoke about Phil and why the foundation was formed, and how important and relevant this program is to the students. Videorecordings from Blue Datto’s Ambassadors Liz Ellis and Mark Geyer were also presented, sending their messages of support. They also emphasised the importance of how a change in behaviour and attitude towards driving is needed and is a must, every single time you’re in a motor vehicle, either as a driver or passenger.