2016 Blue Datto Gala Dinner

Thank you to our sponsors, ambassadors, patrons and not least supporters for attending.  The backing was phenomenal and showed just how strong the Blue Datto community is.  With your support we were able to raise $113,000.

The Blue Datto Peer Mentors volunteered on the night and demonstrated to all who attended the important role they play.  Our Peer Mentors are Blue Datto’s wonderful and unique point of difference to any other road safety program in NSW:  they lead the school and community students through the Keeping Safe course, and as youth leaders they instigate honest and open discussions with the students about what is actually happening in and around cars, and what will work in the student’s personal plan for Keeping Safe.

On the night we asked people to make a Pledge to road safety in the same way students doing our Keeping Safe program do, as well as pledging their financial support (which we don’t ask students to do as the program is provided to them at no cost).  The response was extraordinary.

Thank you to everyone for your support of Blue Datto.  We really are making a difference through the Keeping Safe program but we couldn’t do it without your support.